Let Go Workshop

“Let Go of What Has You” is a workshop designed to help individuals release the emotional ties that hold them back from becoming their true self. Most people have layers upon layers of emotional, physical, and mental blocks that keep them from knowing the truth about who they are, and what they can really accomplish in their lives. Releasing these blocks means the difference between being in charge of your life or having the hidden parts of yourself in charge. These blocks inevitably are placed on our children, therefore burdening them with our own pain and baggage. The workshop enhances our self esteem so that we may become more effective adults and effective parents and educators. As we build our own self-esteem, we can help build our children’s self esteem.

The Letting Go workshop combines didactic presentations with experiential processes that explore the issues related to our personal relationships, including our father and mother, spouses, etc. The unhealthy learned behaviors of our mothers and fathers will be illustrated, and experiential processes will be used to help us heal and create a healthier relationship with our moms, dads, ourselves, and our children. Uncovering and discovering our issues will allow us to clear up our relationships and place us on a path to a healthy life.

Dignity Therapy is another word associated with inner healing. Dignity therapy encompasses a person’s self-esteem, worth, value, identity, power, freedom, innocence, and sexuality that we are inheritantly born with. These are the variables that are attacked by significant personalities in our lives. Throughout this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive activities with others to recover the aspects of their dignity that they have lost.

The Group Visualization and Healing Process will provide the participants with guided imagery which will allow them to go back and heal the wounds that were created from their childhood. Guided Imagery is a technique whereby the participant relaxes and experiences their body, mind, and emotions in a safe way.

From those who have already parcipated:

"I came here thinking I was angry with my husband and now know it had very little to do with him! Thank you so much for this weekend -- I learned so much!" L.C.

"Thank you and Linda for a life changing weekend. I have never been in therapy so all this was very eye-opening." D.G.

"I have noticed/felt a shift since the conference. I think I let go of some of the 'old baggage' and feel better. I talked with a couple of friends and one said she could tell something was changed." C.M.

"Once I got a glimpse of how free I could feel, I want more of it!" R.C.